This month, the films which I have considered for Film Of The Month are almost all top rated films, with The Robe (1953) and The Silence Of The Lambs (1991) both scoring full marks. But others up for the site’s award are Open Range (2003) and X2 (2003), which were both rated 9/10.

Even though this month has seen no less than TWO theme days, with Valentines Day, which was originally supposed to feature romantics films, being ironically hijacked by the Die Hard franchise and last Friday’s Judd Apatow day, neither franchise would qualify, with the exception of Die Hard (1988) which also scored full marks but it was a repost and not a re-write or a new review, so it didn’t seem to be keeping the criteria of the award.

Another film of interest this month was Windjammer (1958), the Cinemiricle (Cinerama) epic documentary, a rare addition to any collection and an equally rare look at a cinematic process which so far, is only available through three films on DVD/Blu-ray.



The final choice and to me, the overwhelming choice was The Silence Of The Lambs. The Robe, Cinemascope’s first feature, is a great film and if competition hadn’t being so fearce then it may well have won out but this movie is seminal and stands the test of time in ways that The Robe simply doesn’t. Open Range is an underrated and certainly under appreciated western but as the same time, its gentle pace can defy the genre.

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