DIRECTOR: John Kahrs

May Contain Spoilers!


Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

A short review of a nice, gentle short which preceded the Disney hit, Wreck-It Ralph (3D) (2012). But this was probably a little better the main feature, even though it’s basically a silent, romantic comedy, in which a young couple meet on a train station platform and share a moment, only for her to board her train and leave his life forever. or does she…

He ends up a work, depressed, in the opposing building to where she is having an interview and he tries to attract her attention by throwing paper aeroplanes across to her window, but with little success. This is an old school, bitter-sweet comedy, in which we are gently drawn into the emotions of the two characters through movement rather than intrusive dialogue.


The pacing is fast, only it feels slower and more precise do the audiences shared frustration at his failure to attract her attention. Will they finally meet up again? Well, watch for yourself. I presume that it will be included on the Wreck-It Ralph (3D) DVD/Blu-ray…

The 2013 Oscar winner for Best Animated Short and a real gem…

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