My intention when starting this blog back in 2009, was to build a large body of work and to do so in my own time. No deadlines, no unattainable goals. I first began writing screenplays and novels as a child and when I was 16, turned my head to more serious, professional efforts.

But, screenplays are hard to sell, certainly when unsolicited, so over the years, my writing has dwindled. That was until 2009, when nEoFILM began and since then, it has gone from strength to strength. The plan was to brush up on my writing skills as well as learning how to manage the work and the art of doing so with my ever busier lifestyle.

I would say that it is working well and today, I have just posted my 500th review, to join the 79 articles which are already published. My new system also has reviews written but yet to publish as I now operate a realise model of a minimum of three a week. At this time, reviews are already written to be published well into July 2013, so in actual fact, this is the 500th review to be published, not written.

The list of the milestone reviews begins on day 1, with Transformers (2007) and takes us on a brief  snapshot tour of the blog over the past three and half years.

So, I’m halfway to a 1000, but will it take another three and half years to get there, or will the blog become defunct before then? Stay tuned…

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