DIRECTOR: Renny Harlin


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection?  NO

Corolco’s last film before bankruptcy. $98 million to make yet only grossed $10 million. Listed in The Guinness Book Of Records as the biggest flop of all time. Starring Geena Davis…

Eight years before Johnny Depp donned his tri-corn and adopted his Keith Richards mannerisms, Geena Davis, whilst being directed by her then husband, Renny Harlin, tried to reinvigorate the pirate genre, but with devastating consequences. Cutthroat Island must be the hammiest, corniest and most insulting film to its genre than anything else that I’ve ever seen.

Errol Flynn was the man of the moment when he swashbuckled his way through films such as The Sea Hawk (1940) and Captain Blood (1935), and even The Goonies (1986) was a knowing yet affectionate take on the pirate genre but this effort is poor, poor, Poor! Davis, who let’s face it, is hardly the best when it comes to dramatic acting, seems to think that this is a joke as she “acts” with contempt for her role throughout the entire film, with Matthew Modine, trying to, with zero charisma, provide the comic relief as well as a sympathetic character in this film.

The effects are big but out-of-place and the story is bog standard with actors who feel that this is a legitimate film who must have thrown up with embarrassment when they saw the final product. Harlin and his team just had no real idea or respect for what they were doing. This is a prime example of a film made for a perceived audience of idiots, the lowest common denominators and a vain attempt to fill a gap in the market which just wasn’t ready to be filled.

This is what The Pirates Of the Caribbean (2003) could have been, but proper casting, writing, direction and marketing resulted in a modern classic, where as here, it created and embarrassing flop, with John Debney’s score being the only saving grace.

If you like pirates, avoid me hearties, AVOID!

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