DIRECTOR: Wes Anderson


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Wes Anderson is not my favourite director. The idea of this man adapting a Roald Dahl novel was not something which appealed to me, so I waited three years to see what the fuss was about. Some critics and viewers hated it and understandably so, as this is NOT what it purports to be. It is not a Children’s film, rather a intellectual indie comedy masquerading as one. But saying that, and in spite of its obvious failure as kids film, it’s great.

It is an adult comedy in which a smart talking fox (George Clooney) has a mid-life crisis and goes behind his wife’s back (Meryl Streep) and begins stealing chickens again, after giving his word that he would stop. He begins his caper as he enlists help from his friends and family and plans to raid three farms, each run by uncompromising characters. After it all goes a bit wrong, the farmers wage war on the foxes and their neighbours and want Mr. Fox’s head.

The comedy is sharp and fast witted, and there are plenty of sight gags for the kids but most of the dialogue humour would surly go over the their heads, asking existential questions and offering up jokes revolving around the latin names of animals, this is clever and it knows it. It’s also quite smug but I feel that it gets away with it. Much better than it first appears though essentially not a children’s classic, but defiantly a comedy gem.

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