DIRECTOR: Shane Meadows


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

This is no Western, though it takes its inspiration from the genre. This was actually my first Shane Meadows film, a director known for his urban style and dry wit, this was a bit of a departure for me. All in all, the casting, with the regulars of grimy British comedy dramas, Robert Carlyle, Rhys Ifans, Kathy Burke and Ricky Tomlinson, this was a surprising heart warming portrait of some pretty dire stuff.

But it was well-played, with some darkly funny turns and quirky character moments but this was a film with sense of plausibility. Real characters doing real things and it was at times, intriguing and slightly captivating enough to draw me in. But only for a while then I would lose interest with same setting and the dull plot.

It was interesting and if indie British comedy drama is your thing then it isn’t half bad but for me, it was just lacking something and as result, it failed to hold my interest for want of trying and some funny moments aside.

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