1990's, 4 Candles, Romance



DIRECTOR: Robert Iscove

May Contain Spoilers!

She might be “all that”, but the film certainly isn’t. Rachael Leigh Cook is poorly cast as the charismatically challenged lead, with Freddie Prince Jr. simply going through the motions in this often retread tale of a mousey bookworm teenage girl, who is turned into a cool chic, without losing herself to trappings of the cool crowd. My Fair Lady or Cinderella, anyone?

It’s just boring and long-winded. The characters just seem to go through the motions and any chance for a spark is extinguished almost as quickly as it appears. The only interesting character is the vain Matthew Lillard as a reality TV star who appears to be insane, though this in never specifically alluded to in the script.

Been done before and been done A LOT better. Not a bad watch if you’re a fan of the genre but it offers nothing new for anybody else. May have been better without Cook though.

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