2000's, 5 Candles, Fantasy




DIRECTOR: Mark Palansky


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

In a word, strange: This is set in a strange New York meets London(shire) sub-universe, with a strange cast telling and equally strange story. Christina Ricci is a rich girl who has been cursed with a pig’s snout which makes her unbearably ugly, with the curse only to be broken by, you guessed it, true love’s kiss, but this doesn’t stop here craving the attention of other people.

Her overly protective parents are trying to marry her off but with little success and their plans are thwarted yet again when she runs away to the big city. Once there, her secret is out and she becomes a celebrity, but still, she is unhappy, blah, blah, blah.

This modern fairytale is misjudged. Seemingly perfect fodder for Tim Burton, but lacking his flair, this is dark yet whimsical but with mixed results. The cast is a collection of established names and upcoming ones for the time, such as James McAvoy and Russell Brand but then Reese Witherspoon turns up!

It’s not bad but I just spent too much of the film’s running time thinking about how strange this was rather than being drawn into the story. This was just a little too weird for its own good and proves yet again that Tim Burton is a one-off and a very talented director, whose work cannot be replicated.

N.B. Even though the film was produced in 2006, it wasn’t released in the U.K. or United States until early 2008.

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