DIRECTOR: Nimród Antal


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Am I the only person who struggles to see Adrian Brody as an action hero? Certainly one taking up the mantle of Arnie from the 1987 classic, Predator (1987)? Well, maybe or maybe not, I’m not so sure but here he is and he’s comically kicking ass as he and group of other hard cases are dropped onto an alien planet and hunted by, you guessed it, Predators. Lets start with the pros; Alan Silvestri’s music from the original has been nicely recreated here and the effects are pretty much in keeping which is actually a real plus for me, connecting two films nicely and treating the original with the respect that it deserves, with a direct reference at one point.

But then we have the contrived plot. Predator worked in many ways because the Predator plot was almost a twist though be in a establish and unsurprising one. The first 45 minutes of Predator was about something else with Arnie and his team of U.S. Special Forces being sent into the jungle to rescue some U.S. Advisers from Guerillas. There was also a lot to be said about war and brutality before the ultra brutal Predator dished out his own brand of horror upon the hard ass troops. In other words, there was some irony in the original as well as zingers, wit and gore.

Here, the irony is in short supply and has been replaced by black humour and a slightly diverting plot twist regarding the true nature of one of the characters. But even as this pretends to be the Predator 2 which should have been, it still falls into the traps of Alien Vs. Predator style plotting with the perception that simple Predator action is all that the audience really want to see. Maybe they’re right and there’s certainly plenty of that but to me, there was little else.

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