independence_day_ver2Last week, we had Roland Emmerich yet again discussing his plans for the up coming Independence Day (1996) sequels, which have now been titled ID Forever parts 1 and 2. ID4 was of course the promotional title for the original back in 1996, but do these new even titles work? I don’t think so so. What’s Forever exactly? The concept is that Earth has moved on in the two decades since the first attack and has, in what is effectively a parallel reality/history, having integrated some of the alien’s technology left behind into normal life. So in many ways, Earth would now be more advanced in some ways than we are now.

The problem is, that ID4 worked brilliantly for the first 50 minutes, right up until the firestorm blows the light bulb in the tunnel and July 3rd begins. The build up of the aliens’ arrival and the inevitable attack were played very well, but once Will Smith and the action take over, the film became fun rather than believable.

So what are the chances that a sequel could capture the magic of the first film, which was more hype than anything else, let alone formatted as two back to back sequels? I love ID4 but a sequel is last thing that we need. The films will inevitably ask more difficult questions than they can possibly answer, the world will be to far removed and deeper into the realms of science fiction than the original and  back-to-back sequels almost NEVER work!

Personally, I would leave this well alone, certainly after 17 years and counting.

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