jurassic_park_ver3_xlgToday see’s the re-release of Jurassic Park (1993), but this time, in eye-popping 3D. I was lucky enough to see Jurassic Park in 2011 return to the big screen, 18 years after I first saw it in 1993. The experience, which I had originally expected to underwhelming as I’ve seen it so many times since, was far from it. Even though this was a digital performance rather than the original celluloid, it was like been transported back to early 90’s and witnessing the beginning of the fully fledged CGI revolution all over again.

Jurassic Park was revolutionary back in its day, playing around with topical ideas of cloning, with “Dolly the sheep” yet to be cloned in real life and looking at ecological issues and that of evolution on the whole. Heavy stuff but given the Spielberg treatment, this was also a fairground ride through prehistoric history.

But does this need a 3D make over, two decades later? No. It was amazing to see it one the  big screen two years ago and 3D just seems to be pointless but if it sells tickets and prepares the ground for next years sequel, Jurassic Park VI, then so be it. Personally, I won’t be going and I even though I may take a look at it on Blu-ray 3D, this is one post-conversion too far.

They really need to give this up before they tarnish their own reputations and that of their classic works.

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