DIRECTOR: Ralph Feinnes 

May Contain Spoilers!

Well, I’m always saying that “it isn’t Shakespeare” in reference to a bad script, well not this time, because it decidedly is. Ralph Feinnes eats it up as the titular Coriolanus in this updated adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays. The language is the same, as are the performances but this is no Baz Lehmann vision, rather that of the ever intense Fiennes.

He steals the show, as at times the hairs of the back of neck stood on end as he delivers his chilling performance but he is far from alone as this is a well-played version of The Bard’s work. The tone is chilly, the art direction is bleak, believable and the screenplay by John Logan is first-rate in its adaptation. This film offers little in the way of revisions and only delivers the script in a modern, fictitious setting rather than ancient Rome, but in doing so, this dark tale of a hero turned traitor, is made accessible for an audience who may not bother with a historical Shakespearian play, but not so much that it will attract a flock of new fans.

Heavy going, but worth it.

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