DIRECTOR: André Øvredal

May Contain Spoilers!

Is Troll Hunter real? Is Troll Hunter a comedy? What do you recon?

We follow a group of students who find their way into the midst of the Trolljegeren, or Troll Hunter and they discover the secret world of Norwegian Trolls and the bizarre  and off beat comedic explanations for their existence. The world of trolls in this movie is fascinating and the characters, acting out a found footage scenario, talk about them as they are as real as any other creature.

The effects are first-rate as is the set up, with the found footage looking about as real as it could, with nobody spending all day explaining why they are filming it! They are a film crew and that’s what they do. End of: But we are taken on their journey of discovery as we all learn that trolls can actually smell the blood of Christian Man but not necessarily that of a Muslim Woman and that power lines are actually a massive electric fence containing the larger beasts!


Like all great comedy it tales itself seriously, is dry and somewhat plausible, once you accept the existence of trolls. Obviously, this is NOT the true story that it pertains to be but it creates its internal logic, which works for the narrative as it is used to great effect both dramatically and comically. A first-rate film, loads of fun and one of the best found footage film that I’ve seen to date, and it managed to show off the beautiful Norwegian countryside.

My only complaint, if any, was the English dub, but translations are always a problem, but it still managed to reflect the tone of the movie as a whole.

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