DIRECTOR: Neil Burger


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? MAYBE

Based on the 2001 novel, The Dark Fields penned by Alan Glynn, Limitless is fuelled by a simple Science Fiction concept. What if you could take a pill which would do something with that 70% of the brain which we don’t use? What if we could access our full potential?

But what Limitless also does, is imply that this may already have happened and ties the metaphor into more plausible surroundings. Politics, business and publishing. Are our screenwriters popping NZT-48? What about the President? The simple story follows the trials and tribulations of an aspiring author who is given the pill by his wayward brother-in-law before his is murdered, but this doesn’t stop Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) stealing his stash and becoming a financial wizard, attracting the attention of Carl Von Loon (Robert De Niro), yeah, you heard, Von Loon!

There are also assassins after Marra’s stash and he winds up on the radar of a Russian gangster who also wants the drug for himself. But in the end, this is a high concept thriller, the concept being the pill and its effects, but after that, there’s not a lot going on but nothing really substantial and a lot of the story seems to have contrived around the core idea.

It’s entertaining, interesting and a decent enough popcorn movie with an intriguing idea at its heart but in the end, this could easily have been covered in a Twilight Zone episode and would probably have had a better final twist.

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