With Zack Snyder’s, Man Of Steel due out on the 14th June 2013 but today is the ACTUAL 75th Anniversary of Superman. The first issue of Action Comics was released on the 18th April 1938, 75 years ago today, even though the issue was dated June, 1938, it was actually distributed in the April.

Superman began life in comic book form but much of his evolution is thanks to the early radio plays, the Max Fleischer cartoon series and the theatrical movies. He enjoyed life on the small screen too, with the 1950’s series which starred the very late George Reeves and the more recent Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman in the 1990’s. Let alone the epic though underwhelming Smallville in the 2000’s.

In June we will be taking a look at the films in a little more detail, as we build up to the release of the new movie.

So, Happy Birthday to the Man Of Steel and high hopes for the future of the movie franchise, let alone his continued role in the comic book world.

Man Of Steel - 14th June 2013

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