DIRECTOR: Jerry Zucker


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? MAYBE

Patrick Swayze’s career was on up by 1990. Hard-man hits such as Roadhouse (1987) and Next Of Kin (1990) would show, alongside with his romantic leading man creds, in classics such as this and Dirty Dancing (1987). Some of Ghost’s lasting accolades are pottery sex, and breathing new life into the prolifically covered Unchained Melody and brought tears to the eyes of men and women alike with its conclusion.

It is fair to say that Ghost is now a romantic classic of the 90’s and may well have been Swayze’s last great hit, besides Point Break (1991) and it is well deserved even though it’s a film of its time. The effects which looked great at the time, haven’t aged as well as you might have expected and the story whilst, fresh at the time, is little stale. But it’s thanks to films like this that the ideas of Spiritualism have found their way into the mainstream.

It is also surprising that Jerry Zucker directed this film, Zucker of Airplane! (1980) fame. This relatively classic, tragic romance wouldn’t really feel like something which would come from a man who has been behind some of cinema’s most notable and zany comedies.

For the romantics, this will still work but beware, it’s a product of the late 80’s, early 90’s and its roots are well and truly embedded there.

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