DIRECTOR: Joe Johnson

May Contain Spoilers!

Since Iron Man in 2008, The Avenger’s franchise has been building up momentum and this is the final act before the big one. Captain America, possibly one of the hardest sells in the comic world these days, is in the hands of Joe Johnson. The tone is good, set in World War II, in a setting where abject patriotism isn’t out-of-place, whilst not making the character a cliché as such, and not falling into the trap laid by Team America: World Police (2004).

Chris Evans takes the shield as a very neatly done CGI Steve Rogers, made to look small and weak until he is irradiated to become the muscle-bound hero. First he’s a marketing tool, then a real WWII hero, fighting an even MORE evil faction of Germans than Adolf Hitler’s NAZIs, led by Hugo Weaving.

The cast is one of the best of this wave of Marvel movies, with small roles taken up Toby Jones and Tommy Lee Jones, no relation I think, and Stanly Tucci as we’re taken back where it all began. Howard Stark is here, father of Tony Stark and Iron Man, but the tone is better here than it has been with some of the other movies and it feels more like an adventure film in its own right rather than just a piece of larger jigsaw which is building up to The Avengers.

Joe Johnson, obviously part of the Lucas and Spielberg stable, as there was also a real sense of one of he earlier films, The Rocketeer, only done a hell of a lot better. Defiantly one of the best Avengers movies to date and on par with Iron Man (2008) but The Avengers Assemble is worth the wait.

N.B. Review of the 2D version only.


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