starwars_posterToday is International Star Wars Day! With the new film set for 2015, there’s plenty to look forward to, but has Star Wars already been done to death? We have Yoda working for Vodaphone and an endless supply of toys and merchandise, propagating the sense that Star Wars’ magic is diminishing with each passing year. Because let’s remember that they were originally just popular films and now, like Star Trek, they have become much greater than their original parts.

The prequels were less than satisfying but TV has become the franchise’s new home. First there were the two season’s of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars for Cartoon Network in the mid 2000’s, which I really liked, followed by the CGI version which has become a popular and critical hit. This was piloted by a feature film and one which I still have to see, but even though the series’ is clearly very well made and is a true and successful expansion of the universe, it doesn’t quite press my buttons. But it struck me as odd, that yesterday, when I watched an episode of Clone Wars “The Lawless” it seemed to capture the tone of what the prequels should have been better than any of the big screen adventures. It is a good series, there’s no doubt about that.

But what happened to Lucas’ much discussed live action TV series? There were supposed to be 100 hours worth which is about four or five seasons by my reckoning but no, it wasn’t going to work so it never happened. But much has changed in the past twelve months, with Lucas finally doing the honourable thing and selling his company to Disney, who have grand plans, but I believe that they includes axing almost everything Star Wars until 2015, in order to raise the thirst for the new project. Though I should say projects and the plans are for a series of movies going beyond a new trilogy. And then there’s the groundbreaking news that J.J. Abrams will be helming the new project, which makes him the first person to direct both Star Wars and Star Trek, possibly in tandem. But given my reservations about Abrams, and my feelings that he handling of Star Trek (2009) has had mixed results, Super 8 (2011) was brilliant and captured the tone of 70’s Spielberg which is similar to Star Wars so maybe this could work better?

Anyway, here are my reviews of the franchise so far…

star_wars_episode_one_the_phantom_menace_ver2 star_wars_episode_two_attack_of_the_clones_ver2_xlg Star_wars_episode_three_poster2starwars_poster200px-SW_-_Empire_Strikes_Backreturn-of-the-jedi-poster

May the force be with you…

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