star_trek_into_darkness_ver21Well, here it is, the second most anticipated movie of the year behind Man Of Steel, which is just over a month away. Yahoo Movies confirmed this status and it’s exactly how I feel about it too. I’m obviously hoping for a better interpretation of Star Trek than the 2009 reboot and the trailers look great but still, this is clearly a blockbuster and I’m increasingly doubtful that it will capture the feel of Star Trek which is being lost in the Abram’s universe.

Gary Mitchell? Khan? Who is the villain of the piece and is that cool, black federation starship really called the U.S.S. Vengeance?

Star Trek Into Darkness Out NOW!

This, like all major blockbusters is in 3D, the first Star Trek film to be so, but I do believe that it is a post-conversion. It is also one of, if not the first film to be shown in iSence 3D, as well as IMAX 3D of course. So, look it up but personally, even though I will probably see it in three dimensions, 2D will suffice.

I’ll have to wait until next Wednesday when I finally get to see this and the review is due next Friday so stay tuned.


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