star_trek_into_darkness_ver9_xlgstar_trek_into_darkness_ver14_xlgJust seven hours to go until the I finally get to see the twelfth and latest instalment of Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness. My feelings on the 2009 reboot are clear, with my views on J.J. Abrams equally so but my hopes, certainly from the trailers and reviews are strong but still, when it comes down to it I’m a fan boy, certainly as where Star Trek is concerned.

The line of satisfaction for me is so fine that it’s almost two dimensional, which is one less than the film itself. I won’t be bothering with IMAX 3D, though a huge supporter of the large screen format, I find the 3D to be less than satisfactory as because of the screen size, it doesn’t take much head movement to through it all off and give me a headache.

But still, this will be the first Star Trek movie to be seen in 3D, which I will be doing on a conventional scree, or RealD, and the litany of spoilers which are leaking out, which I’m trying to ignore are revealing some real glimmers of hope that this could be a return to form, but I’m struggle to accept the new cast, particularly Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.

But Benedict Cumberbach is a first rate talent and whether he’s playing John Harrison, or er, someone else, I’m sure that he will be one of the highlights of the show. So, my review is scheduled for Friday so all going well, expect a few words on the subject to enjoy with you morning brew…

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