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May Contain Spoilers!

Back for round two, Tim Story returns to the less that ‘blockbusting’ Fantastic Four franchise. The emphasis here, is on the Silver Surfer, who is up against the eponymous Four as he is working for Galactus, who intends to eat the Earth. The group exchange powers throughout as the Surfer has this effect on the group and Victor von Doom is back but in spite all its efforts, this sequel is not much better than the first movie.

Entertaining to an extent but hampered by weak characters, drab scripting and seemingly out of touch the genre which back in 2007, was building up to the first two Avengers movies, Iron Man (2008) and The Incredible Hulk (2008), let alone The Dark Knight (2008), the light and childish tone of the Fantastic Four movies were just striking the wrong notes. There were some good elements though, not least the Surfer himself and the power switching twist which was played for comedic and narrative effect but the SFX were so cheap and nasty that in the opening CGI sequence in which Galactus destroys a planet, I thought that it was cartoon!

A decent enough effort to boost the flagging series but it just looks as if this wasn’t the right time or format for the les than fantastic quartet.

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