1990's, 8 Candles, Comedy



DIRECTOR: Thomas Schlamme

May Contain Spoilers!

Before Austin Powers, there was a story of a man who married an axe murderer, or did he? Well, this slightly edgy comedy, by the man who brought us Wayne’s World, Mike Myers, was directed by TV director Thomas Schlamme, and as such lacks some theatrical flair but is still outright funny, maybe because of the simplicity of the direction.

The off beat characters and Myer’s dual performance as both Charlie Mackenzie and his slob father Stuart, is in keeping with the characters which he would come to later, such as Fat Bastard from the latter two Austin Powers movies.

A funny pastiche of the horror/thriller genre, shows some real inelegance and wit but is a bit unfocused at times. Nice twists though and it does keep you engaged and amused in equal measure. For Myers’ fans, if you haven’t seen this one, then you NEED to see it. This is the missing link between Wayne’s World (1992) and the Austin Powers franchise.

Overall, a decent comedy which has aged quite well.

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