DIRECTOR: Andrew Niccol

May Contain Spoilers!

Andrew Niccol is the mind behind some of the cinemas most innovative high-concept movies, not least The Truman Show (1998) and Gattaca (1997), let alone one of my personal favourites, Lord Of War (2003) but In Time is a film with a great concept but suffers from poor execution.

The idea that people now live with time as if it is credit and trade this “credited time” as it were, for services in order for the rich to control the population, and allowing some to live for ever whilst others love literally day to day, is intriguing though somewhat out there. But so was Gattaca.

The plot revolves around Justine Timberlake and Amanda Siegfried falling in love and becoming a sort of Bonnie and Clyde of the time stealing world, but the pair have no charisma, with the deliberate directorial choice for everyone to be played cool, cold and without any real emotion. This helps Timberlake who is hardly the world’s best actor and Siegfried is overrated in my view but it’s hard to get behind these two as they challenge the system and rob from the rich to give to poor.

At times, the action is good but overall the plot is boring, hampered by the lack of emotion and the far fetch concept which could have worked better with a better interpretation or screenplay. Craig Armstrong’s score is one of the saving graces here, but the film is a failure as it has lots of potential but is poorly executed.

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