May has been a very good month for films, with no less that 13 contenders for the coveted Film Of The Month slot. Marvel movies, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and The Amazing Spider-man (2012) both scored 8/10 but Film Of The Month is about impact and what I feel stands out as the most interesting or noteworthy feature of the month. The Duchess (2010) was a well made historical piece, Top Gun (1986) celebrated its 17th birthday and one of the highest scores so far with 9/10 and early 90’s comedy was represented with So I Married An Axe Murderer (1993).

Steven Soderberg’s Magic Mike (2012) was a surprisingly gritty portrait of male stripping and Looper (2012) was a very good example of sci-fi, though  not “This Decades The Matrix as it had been suggested. But this was a month dominated by Star Trek, with a total of SEVEN posts, including three reviews, four articles as well as the Top 20 Sci Fi Films Of All Time, which was published to coincide with the build up to the release of Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) on the 9th May, here in the U.K..

star_trek_the_motion_pictureThe final selection were Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) which is a very underrated Trek movie, as was the tenth, Star Trek: Nemesis (2002), with both scoring 9/10. But the none Star Trek movie in contention is David O. Russell’s The Fighter (2010), a biopic of boxing champion Mickey Wade. This took the 2011 awards season by storm and after watching it I can see how.

fighterAlso The Social Network (2010) which is the highest rated film of the month and the legendary The Dam Busters (1955). The life Dam Buster raid took place in May 1943, 70 years ago. The Dam Busters is a cracking historical movie, beautifully telling an interesting story of the war and The Social Network, which I have re-appraised this month and upped the rating from 8/10 to 10/10, is not really applicable for film of the month.

It has already had its day when it was first reviewed over two years ago and the majority of the review is the same. I basically said in the original review that it was brilliant so why I only gave it 8/10 is beyond me.



natural_born_killers_ver2But on the other end of the scale we have Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers (1998). Controversial and believed to have been banned in the U.K. even though it was not, this is a film which you either love or hate. I am the latter. I like Stone, with JFK (1991), Nixon (1995) and Platoon (1986) ranking very high but Natural Born Killers is bold work but one which does not gel with me.

But the film which I believe has had the most impact this month, a month inundated with genius film making is Star Trek Into Darkness (2013).

It may be the obvious choice and it is certainly not the best compared to some of the competition but it’s great fun, a fan favourate and that of casual viewers alike. It leaves you hungry for more and in the end, it wouldn’t have won out over these films any other month so let’s give it a chance. When I think of May 2013 I will think back to Star Trek Into Darkness.

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