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neopol film week banner 1 mark 2 work whiteMPW-17445Week, that is. If you’re not a not a fan of the 75-year-old superhero, the movie franchises and or building up the release of Man Of Steel (2013), then the week commencing 10th June would have been a long one. But it’s all over now, with regular service resuming tomorrow morning at 9:00am (GMT) but barring next Friday’s review of Man OF Steel, nEoFILM now has a complete collection of theatrical movie reviews, spanning 1941 – 2006. The high points were Superman: The Movie (1978) with 9/10 and Superman Returns (2006) 8/10, though many would disagree with that last choice. The rest of Christopher Reeve entries did pretty well, 7/10 and 6/10, Superman IV: A Quest For Peace (1987) not being half as bad as fans would suggest. Still no masterpiece though, either.

steelEarly entries such as the Max Fleischer cartoons (1941 – 1943) did really well, 9/10 making them joint top with Superman: The Movie, but the George Reeves pilot movie, Superman And The Mole-Men (1951) only rated at 4/10. But the lowest entry of the week was a film which only came to my attention due to a review by Now Playing Podcast, as part of their Superman Retrospective Series, Steel (1997). Based on a comic book character, a replacement for Superman after his comic book death in 1993, Steel had little to do with the Superman franchise in film terms, instead going down the Batman route, but I couldn’t resist reviewing it as so few have seen it. It only scored 3/10 though and there’s a reason as to why it’s not widely available.

So, that’s all folks. Superman was 75 in April and the latest movie has hit theatres with good reviews, though not perfect, but on Wednesday I’m on my way to see it and should have my thought up load a clear by Friday morning, so stay tuned.

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