DIRECTOR: Mick Jackson

May Contain Spoilers!

In 1997, two Volcano films where vying for the top spot. Neither Dante’s Peak or this made it anywhere close, but even though the Pierce Brosnan version felt more realistic for want of a better word, Tommy Lee Jones’ Volcano was much more fun! Yes, the idea that there’s an undiscovered Volcano under L.A. might seem ludicrous but this film takes itself just seriously enough to make us believe that it is at least a possibility, in a similar way that Air Force One (1997) made hijacking the Presidents’ plane feel slightly plausible.

The titular Volcano erupts and lava spills over the streets of Beverly Hills, but at the heart of this cheesy disaster movie is a bridge building exercise following the 1992 L.A. Rodney King riots, in which white racist police officers must team up with black gangs to save to the day and in the end, when people end up covered in mud, a child points out that “We all look the same”.

Oh dear!

Anyway, quite enjoyable if you catch it on TV but I would select this as a Saturday night classic or anything like that. A real 90’s action flick but nothing more. Though it does boast and early and intense performance by Don Cheadle who may have missed the point of this film and plays this very, very seriously! Ah well, it still entertaining regardless of his best efforts…

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