220px-TheholidayposterIt’s about time and long over due. After 66 movies have received 10 Candles or 10/10, the third film to receive 1 Candle, Free Willy 2 was posted today. I feel that there’s enough movie now to justify a Lowest Rated page, now that there’s a grand total of three!

dinosaur_project_xlgThere’s already a page dedicated to the Top Rated movies, 10/10, and now it’s only fair that their would be a lowest rated page, a page of stinkers as it were. In all fairness in all the years that I’ve been doing this blog, there have only been 3 movies which have scored the lowest rating of 1 Candle, or 1/10.

A poor movie, would justify a 3/10, with an appalling film taking just 2 Candles but to gain the dishonour of just 1 Candle, the film has to be aberrant, insulting and utterly, relentlessly disappointing. There should not only be no reason for the movie to exist, there should be reasons as to why it shouldn’t!

free_willy_two_the_adventure_homeThe films which have reached these lowest of low levels are as follows.

  1. THE HOLIDAY (Nancy Meyers) 2006  9th April 2010
  2. THE DINOSAUR PROJECT (Sid Bennett) 2012 9th January 2013
  3. FREE WILLY 2: THE ADVENTURE HOME (Dwight H. Little) 1995 20th June 2013

Click here for the Lowest Rated page which will be updated a when another movie lets me down enough to warrant just 1 mark.

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