DIRECTORS: Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg

May Contain Spoilers!

Being 21 when I first saw American Pie back in 2000, I am one of those people who was and is the perfect age to fully appreciate both American Pie (1999) and this very literal reunion, 13 years on. The original, which would spawn three sequels including this but excluding everything after American Wedding (2004), was a pitch perfect take on the high school movie of the 1990’s, focusing on four male seniors who’s only goal was to get laid before graduating.

Obviously the format it typical of the genre and maybe high school in the U.S. is like it’s portrayed in films and TV but here in the U.K., it’s a very different experience. But I think that that’s why we love it so much. The sense of self-importance and “we are adults” attitude is very appealing to teenagers around the world, whether it be a true reflection on the American education system or not.

But here we are after 13 years, reunited with a cast who have found little major success since the original and let’s face it, some are lucky to be alive and have made their names through the tabloids and reality TV rather than Hollywood success. Let alone endless tales of drug abuse in some cases… Less said the better…

But as a fan of American Pie, though I wouldn’t class myself as fan of the genre on the whole, it was good to see all the old faces return, hopefully, in spite of the threats made in the final act about “doing this every year”, for one last time. The humour is obviously based around the fact that they’ve all grown up, moved on and gotten married etc, but are still pining for the simpler times had at school.

But being 34 myself now, it’s a journey which I feel that I’ve been on too and the reflection is shared. I’m sure that the humour is sufficient still to entertain teenagers of today and the story will no doubt irritate older viewers but as a swan song to the franchise which apart from American Wedding has been consistently entertaining, I feel that this hit most of the right notes.

It was a little irritating at times, with a little guitar riff playing every time Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hanningan) reminisce about days gone by and the replay of relationships from the first two films and it was obviously lacking the freshness of the early movies but it was still good enough. Though I must admit, I was uncomfortable at times with Stifler’s (Seann William Scott) antics, as many of them, such as “Vagina Shark” in which he swims underwater in lake in to a group of girls, presumably touching them up along the way, was close too, if not sexual assault!

It can be a fine line but the Stifmeister wouldn’t know what the kine was as he was so far over it.

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