DIRECTOR: Mervyn LeRoy


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

So, you cast an ageing Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra in a volcanic disaster flick and that’s makes it okay? Well, no. Tracy overacts, Sinatra just phones it in, though in 1961 in the South Seas it may well have been telegraphed, and the production design couldn’t look any more stagy if it tried!

The plot involves a crabby, alcoholic priest (Tracy) who is fighting an up hill battle to rescue his mission as their island is being destroyed by an erupting volcano, the effects for which, probably real footage for the most part, being the best thing here. He is forced to enlist the help of three jolly convicts with hearts of gold, lead by Sinatra to save his mission and the group of children which were otherwise being left for dead.

The practical effects are poor, the sets are cardboard and something which I would expect to find on Star Trek or Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and the leads just ham it up. Even the death scenes are corny and I can only presume are meant resonate emotionally, though fail to do so, and the walking through the cardboard jungle doesn’t really entertain.

The bleak ending was a redeeming feature but nothing can truly redeem this one. Say four hail Mary’s and call it a day!

Happy Birthday to Stevie Woods and L.S. Gibson today.

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