DIRECTOR: Robert Schwentke


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Retired and Extremely Dangerous. Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman are all retired from their respected agencies are called up to fight an evil conspiracy from within heart of the C.I.A. The concept is interesting but the execution in but plodding and crass at the same time.

Willis is just happy and supposedly in love throughout the entire movie, Freeman seems to be asleep which leaves Malkovich and Mirren to save the day, which they do by adding some small amount of flair to this otherwise mundane project. It just seems to be a concept which has runaway with itself.

Clearly a comic book adaptation, maybe the source material worked better than the movie but this just looks and feels like a vanity project for the all start for the ageing cast. The action is decent enough and there are moments which work but some parts jar, such as the postcards which brazen onto the screen throughout to explain where we are at any given time. It just feels like it’s all over the place, yet going nowhere.

A sequel is on its way bit I think that I will be leaving it where ever it lands.

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