neopol-film-banner-2013-mark-3a-work-white-superman-week.jpgJune 2013, was officially the most prolific month in this blog’s history to date, with 35 reviews and articles posted.  Superman Week has a lot to do with the inflated numbers, with 4 posts being posted at one point, but every weekday and two weekends saw reviews or articles with no less than two 10 Candle reviews to boot!

There has been a steady increase in posts though over the three and a half-year history, with last month’s 35 posts being preceded by two months of 30.

June also saw the introduction of the Lowest Rated page, thanks to Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995) and contains three “Stinkers” so really, June has broken the site’s records and seen the best and worst that film has to offer.

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