DIRECTORS: Andrew Stanton & Lee Unkrich

May Contain Spoilers!

Finding Nemo has never had the same impact on me as it has on others. Kids seem to love it and many consider this to be Pixar at its very best and I can see why, but to me, it falls far below Toy Story (1995), Up (2008) and The Incredibles (2004). It’s all about Finding Nemo, a  young clown fish who is caught and sold to a dentist and put in his waiting room aquarium.

His father, a slightly bigger clown fish, embarks on a seemingly impossible journey to find his only son and bring him back home. Th plot is simple and very effective and did a lot for fish in 2003. Unfortunately, there was talk of children flushing their goldfish down the toilet in order to free them, which unlike this film, doesn’t quite work out the same way.

There are some great comic moments, some interesting Pixar/Disney characters, such as the vegetarian sharks and the surf styled turtles, but overall, there’s noting ground breaking about this. The animation is as good as you would expect,  which is excellent, as is the comedy, with some inspired jokes, such as the sea gulls squawking “Mine, Mine” and the great escape toned aquarium scenes, but it was just too much at times.

The aquarium scenes were good; The ocean scenes were okay and the overall story was decent but there’s was nothing here to justify its’ classic status to me. But this a very personal view and one which I understand will not be shared by others. But I don’t have particularly strong feeling either way about this which is kind of the point.

Overall, probably the classic that everyone think that it is but it’s just not for me.

Happy Birthday to my Stepson who is 9 today as he is a huge Nemo fan!

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