2000's, 4 Candles, Comedy, Science Fiction



DIRECTOR: Danny Leiner


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Still riding the success of American Pie (1999), Seann William Scott is joined by Ashton Kutcher in this turn of the millennium stoner comedy. Like all such comedies, the word comedy is very subjective. The premise is simple and one which would be used to similar effect a few years later with The Hangover (2009), but that would be a hell of a lot funnier. Scott and Kutcher wake up one morning to find that they have lost their car and spend the rest of the day trying to work out what they had gotten up to the night before in order to track it down.

It turns out that they had, had tattoos done, been pursued by an alien cult and aliens themselves, posing at hot chicks, among their many exploits from the previous night. It’s ludicrous, but where as comedy is concerned, ludicrous isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But this film, now 12 years old, has aged, feeling, at least to me, like a film of its time and a simple one at that. It has its moments and the two leads have some charisma and chemistry but in the end, I just don’t feel it.

If you like simple stoner comedy then this might be the film for you.

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