DIRECTOR: Paul W.S. Anderson


May Contain Spoilers!

Not really a fan of the whole Musketeers thing, with the only film which has really interested me with these characters, being The Man In The Iron Mask (1998), so this 3D extravaganza, complete with flying galleons really wasn’t encouraging. But Paul W. S. Anderson’s, known for helming the Resident Evil franchise, light-hearted adventure, is better that it looks.

The characters are strange, slightly off beat but surprisingly entertaining, with the exception of The Three Musketeers themselves that is, who are all quite boring, but the ideas, set-ups and tone are refreshing. Yes, the airships are just there to entertain the kids and deliver some three-dimensional thrills and spills and they are is absolutely ludicrous, but still.

That aside, it will entertainingly pass a couple of hours but the aggressively set up sequel should be left well alone. The idea of paying of the final scene in which a Spanish Armada of ships and airships heading towards England being paid off is just too much to bear!

Much better than it looks but lets not push it…

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