DIRECTOR: Mitchell Lichtenstein


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Sexual awaking? Ultra conservative values of the bible belt? Maybe. But this is as much as deranged and vulgar tale as there ever could be. Posing as a comedy horror, the story of a young, pure virgin who is saving herself, develops teeth in her vagina, which basically and comically bite off anything which a man puts in there, that is until she’s happy about it. Penises are lying about everywhere as are the four fingers of a sex offending gynecologist, but over all, this is a weird film.

In some ways it would seem to mocking the idea of abstinence whilst promoting it as the Teeth are protecting her honour. But by the end, as every man who comes in to contact with her seem to want to rape or take advantage of her, the teeth become a measure of female empowerment, dealing out some form of justice on the sexual predators. It’s weird and funny at times, but it’s certainly not for the prudish.

I’m just not too sure what line it’s trying to take.

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