190925.1020.AIt’s been 25 year to the day that Die Hard was released in the United States, 15th July 1988 (3rd February 1989 here in the U.K.) Here’s a brief run down of what I think of the Die Hard Franchise so far.

  • DIE HARD 1988 10/10 The best, genre defining movie of the franchise. Appeals to a broader band of viewers than the typical male oriented group. This is the housewife’s actioner…
  • DIE HARD 2 (DIE HARDER) 1990 8/10 A strong sequel, pushing the formula but it gets away with it.
  • DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE 1995 8/10 Almost the direct sequel to Die Hard (1988). Changes the dynamic a bit but is still bold, fun and violent.
  • DIE HARD 4.0 (aka LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) 2007 6/10 A weak sequel. This is a cynical attempt to restart the stalled franchise which had already ended with a bang. This was not the way to go.
  • A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD 2013 TBA Not seen this one yet. It looks vacuous and the reviews pretty much back that up but you cannot review a film that you haven’t seen.

Happy 25th Birthday Die Hard. The action genre have never been the same since Nakatomi!

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