DIRECTOR: Phil Alden Robinson

May Contain Spoilers!

“Build it and he will come”

To be honest and without sounding shallow, I don’t think that I really get this one. This was one of Costner’s big breaks before Dance With Wolves (1990) and it follows the mid-western farmer and baseball fan who is desperate for a reconciliation with he deceased father whom he shared he passion for the game.

After hearing ghostly voices, he decides to turn one of his fields into a baseball field and in time, the ghosts of the Chicago Black Sox team appears and the voices continue. He ends up gathering a mismatch group of people who all benefit from their experiences with the players and the field and Costner finally speaks to his dad.

This is obviously a nice film, gentle in tone and meaningful in its sentiment but beyond that, little really happens. It has its moments and Costner was still fun at this point in his career but for me, this is lacking some umph! A classic with the often misquoted line “Build it and THEY will come”, even though this is not the line from the film, it’s worth a look if gentle self exploration is your thing.

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