UNKNOWN (2011)


DIRECTOR: Jaume Collet-Serra


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

With a poster selling itself as the next instalment of the Taken franchise, this supposedly owes more to Harrison Ford’s 80’s thriller Frantic (1988) than Taken (2008). Unknown follows Doctor Martin Harris as he is involved in a car crash and when he wakes up, his wife (January Jones) doesn’t know him and another man (Aiden Quinn) seems to have assumed his identity.

Soon he is pursued by an assassin until his attempts to unravel the truth lead to a pretty decent and plausible plot twist which turns this simple thriller on its head. This is a film of two halves, the first playing put like Frantic or any other frustrating thriller in which someone is faced with a bizarre set of circumstances and questions his own sanity, but the second makes much more sense and is even more enjoyable.

Reminiscent of the tone of The Bourne Identity (2001) in the opening hour, Liam Neeson is put through the cliché’s as he is chased through a hospital, fights in an apartment and is involved in a typical car chase, all of which is okay but the second half, fuelled by revelations, zips a long quiet nicely and is much more fun. The final scene is pretty poor though but still, you can’t have everything.

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