2000's, Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller



DIRECTOR: Shane Black


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Shane Black’s first film as director, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a Hollywood pastiche which hits all the right keys. Black, who made his name penning 90’s action movies such as Lethal Weapon (1988) and Last Action Hero (1993) is now flavour of the month as director of the third hit Iron Man [3] movie, but here, the witty rapport with troubled Robert Downy Jr. is pitch perfect.

It has the novelty of seeming to ring true as Downey’s troubled history adds to the believability of the character which he plays, an aspiring actor trying to break into Hollywood. He meets Val Kilmer and pair end up in the midst of a sleazy murder mystery, which feeds off the moral ambiguity of the lead characters and L.A. itself.

It’s funny, witty, sharp and certainly not for kids. The tone is leery and slightly pornographic in its implications, but as a comment of  Hollywood, it’s up there with the best. Ludicrous from start to finish, I would bet that many a true word has been written in jest and Black’s satire is much more grounded in reality than we would like to believe.

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