DIRECTOR: Gareth Evans

May Contain Spoilers!

The Raid is a kinetic and highly charged action thriller set in a tower block in Indonesia. The plot is simple. A S.W.A.T. team enters the high-rise in which its tenants are hardened criminals and clear it out one floor at a time. But the tide turns leaving the team to mount and escape and the deadly, violent action ensues.

This is not a narrative driven film, rather pure action. The cinematography is the hero here and heroic, it truly is. Whether this is, as the poster boats, “The best action movie in decades”, is open for debate but it’s certainly at contender. And the fact that Dredd 3D, released a few months later is effectively a U.S. remake, must stand as a testament to The Raid’s prowess in the action genre.

The ideas a primal and effective as nothing puts bums on a cinema seat than the underdog fighting for survival. But in this case, the underdogs are cool fighters and the action is nothing short of excellent and brutally exhilarating.

Highly recommended for fans of the genre and people who love cinema pushing the envelope, which I fall into the latter…

Happy Birthday to my Stepson who is 17 today!

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