FM (Page 1)2010



May Contain Spoilers!

Beginning as it well and truly means to go on, the opening barrage consisted of the repeated use of the word Vagina. “Vagina, vagina, vagina!” Obviously this was a sign that this film was going to push the envelope, but in which direction and for that matter, what kind of envelope?

Jennifer Lopez is a single woman who is obsessed with having a baby, but obviously has no man. She has opted to be artificially inseminated but on the way from the clinic she meets Alex O’Loughlin and the pair fall instantly in love. Seemingly within days they are living together, she is pregnant and we can look forward to nine months of romantic hilarity.

Prepare yourself for every cliché imaginable and the obvious reference to Lopez’s backside, a prolonged one at that, clearly reminding us what she values, but their relationship is far from smooth. This is hardly a surprise as they seem to be living together as if they’ve been going out for years even though it would only be a maximum of nine months from beginning to end! But the woman who he fell in love with was changing over the time which means that he would not even know who she was until after the birth anyway, but this point completely overlooked.

But in the third act, he walks out on her over a petty argument,  the screen faded to white only for the couple to be reunited before the birth and by the time that their break-up song ended! What was the point? The peril is forced. The characters are clichéd and feeble and the narrative makes little sense and is beyond a mere box ticking exercise!

But all seems to be well by the end and the future is looking bright for this couple.  But not so bright for the audience! Having said that, it was reasonably well received by some of target audience in our house so maybe it’s just me, but I will agree that it was laughable, but not as intentionally funny as it was supposed to be.

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