DIRECTOR: Adrian Lyne


May Contain Spoilers!

Responsible for the modern use of the term Bunny Boiler after the infamous scene, this thriller revolving around infidelity is a classic and a warning to all who would wish to cheat on their wives. Michael Douglas has a one night stand with Glen Close, but she takes it all way too seriously and Douglas, wishing to return to his wife without any comeback, is stalked by the scorned woman.

This is a very 80’s film, looking deeply into the promiscuity of the decade, in which sex, certainly in the upper classes had become more widely accepted. Douglas is a fool, choosing to spend the night with stranger and jeopardising his family in the process but the film takes this ill-conceived and common act and runs away with it and taking it to the extreme.

Fatal Attraction is a moral tale, with retribution being paid for Douglas’ betrayal and his family paying the price too but this is still a thriller and the conclusion is a simple, classic showdown in which the villain, or this case, the nut-case is disposed on quite neatly. It’s a parable on the rights and wrongs of desire and in that case it stands the test of time well but it is also a  film very much of its time. That’s not a bad thing though.

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