DIRECTOR: Kirk Jones

May Contain Spoilers!

This film has it all. No, seriously, it has absolutely EVERYTHING that you can think of regarding pregnancy and child rearing. The dads have a group, the mum’s are a mix of those who can have babies so they adopt and African child; The mum who really wants to get pregnant and almost dies in labour and the one that we all perceive to be having the easiest birth on the planet. And then there’s the more serious issue of a miscarriage resulting from a one night stand.

This is and episodic, paint by numbers ensemble of men and women who are having babies. No real charm but it is one of those movies which will probably entertain for the 90 minutes or so that you are watching it. If you had a baby then you’ll recognise the characters and situations but that basically it. You’re supposed to point and laugh at the fact that other people get what you’ve been through.

Well, I sniggered along but in the end, it was completely disposable and very forgettable.

I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my wife, who is ?? today…


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