DIRECTOR: Tom Shadyac


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? MAYBE

Liar Liar was one of the first comedies that I went to the cinema to see and if there was ever justification for watching a movie in theatres, then this was is. The atmosphere of 90 minutes of continual laughter made this film but even after 16 years, it’s still got something. Comedies are hard to rate in many ways as they are subjective, reliant on you liking the lead and are generally topical and indicative of the time.

Maybe it’s just my nostalgia for Jim Carrey in his hey day, magic which he has failed to find again, but I still like this. Carrey completely over-acts and steal the show as a lawyer/liar who can’t lie for a single day after his five-year old soon makes a wish after being let down one to many times on his birthday.

It’s an ingenious combination of sight gags, straight talking humour and Carrey’s comedic genius in full flow. But it is dated to a degree and even though not up the standards of Steve Martin classic Man With Tow Brains (1982), there is a reason why bring this up so bear with me, there are similarities in that the two comedies take a bizarre and supernatural situation and allow their leads to run with it. This is a clever piece of comedy from the later part of the 1990’s and the film which preceded one of Carrey’s best turns as Truman Burbank in The Truman Show (1998).

After that it all begins to go down hill for the star but I feel unjustly as flops such Man On The Moon (2000) were better than critics would have us believe. But Liar Liar still makes me laugh, though not as much as it once did and the ending is just too ludicrous even for this film but overall, it is a more than decent comedy of errors, simple to understand and driven by a troubled but comedic genius, when he wants to be.


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