DIRECTOR: Payton Reed


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Self indulgent, reverential and telling of what was obviously going to happen in Jennifer Anniston’s and Vince Vaughn’s real life relationship. The pair play a couple who break-up in the opening act, but refuse to give up the their apartment. They continue to live together, shamelessly dragging their friends into their ever escalating feud in which he will have his friends over to annoy her and visa versa etc…

The comedy is what you would expect from Vaughn and the bland performance is what Anniston is best at when not Rachel in Friends, but this film’s best feature is the ending, which even though offers a glint of hope as to their reconciliation, leaves us with a romantic couple which is no more. This is constant with the behaviour of the couple throughout and really, many acts were unforgivable but it was a nice touch for a rom-com to go through with its premise to bitter end, even though it was also, contradiction, unsatisfying.

It feels like a vehicle and plays out like one but until Anniston realises that her only chance for critical success is on the small screen, our relationship with her is not going away. Though I would like to sight The Good Girl (2002) as one her best screen performances and a level which she has steered clear of ever since.

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