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September has seen a vast reduction of posts as personal circumstance have made posting, watching and reviewing films difficult for the present. But I'm sure that things will return to normal sooner rather than later. But the highlight of the month had to be the 2006 comic book adaptation, Sin City. There was little to… Continue reading FILM OF THE MONTH ~ SEPTEMBER 2013

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2009 DIRECTOR: Robert Luketic NOT A PART OF OUR COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? NO Katherine Heigl is a TV producer who is waiting for "Mr. Right", when "Mr. Wrong", Gerard Butler, a straight talking TV host who hosts a segment called The Ugly Truth, is notorious for telling the… Continue reading THE UGLY TRUTH

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2011 DIRECTOR: Ivan Reitman NOT A PART OF MY COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? NO This is an unambitious retread of so may rom-coms which have come before, but manages to vaguely emulate them with no flair what so ever. The characters, namely Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher)… Continue reading NO STRINGS ATTACHED

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2005 THEATRICAL VERSION RECUT VERSION DIRECTORS: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller & Quentin Tarantino May Contain Spoilers! Sin City was not on my 2005 watch list and it wasn't until two years later that I watched it and was blown away. The style, the noir tone and the episodic pacing just worked for me. It looked… Continue reading SIN CITY

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1953 DIRECTOR: Henry Koster May Contain Spoilers! Today we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of The Robe's U.S. Premier and the birth of Cinemascope, the grandfather of the modern widescreen formats which we use today. It was on this day, 16th Sepetember 1953 that The Robe responded to the Cinerama Process with its own Cinemascope format,… Continue reading THE ROBE ~ 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF CINEMASCOPE



Cinemascope has it's beginning as far back as 1926. with French innovator, as many of cinemas' greatest inventors were, Professor Henri Chrétien, coming up with the anamorphic process, then known as Anamorphoscope. But the modern uses and implementation of the format, which has the screen ratio of between 2.35:1 its original incarnation 2.55:1. Using the basic principles… Continue reading CINEMASCOPE @ 60

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1998 DIRECTOR: Edward Zwick May Contain Spoilers! Edwards Zwick's "New York under siege" terrorist movie, pre-dates the tragic and world-changing events of 9/11 by three years. It was back in 1998 that the ever-growing issue of Islamic Terrorism on the U.S. mainland was tackled by the director of such movies and Glory (1989) and The… Continue reading THE SIEGE

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X-MEN (600th REVIEW!)

2000 DIRECTOR: Bryan Singer 600th REVIEW! May Contain Spoilers! Following the success of Blade (1998), which is often overlooked as the beginning of the comic book and particularly the Marvel revival of the 2000's, Bryan Singer took a stab at one of their most popular and creatively lucrative properties, X-Men. This also came at the… Continue reading X-MEN (600th REVIEW!)

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Star Trek's magic number is you guessed it, 47. And today, the classic series and the franchise is 47 years old. The 8th September 1966 saw the inaugural broadcast of the iconic series, with Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) tackling "The Man Trap". This was the seventh episode of the first season but the actual… Continue reading STAR TREK @ 47

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2011 DIRECTOR: Mike Mitchell NOT A PART OF OUR COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? NO What w0uld you expect? This is the third movie of the Alvin And The Chipmunk trilogy, for want of a better term. There will probably be more these episodic summer holiday films and… Continue reading ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED