Throughout July and August, nEoFILM has slowed do just a bit, running to its default review schedule of a minimum of three per week. August is an important month in our household and birthdays are pouring out of every hole like sand from the great pyramid of Giza, and I do like to try to tie-in a review to important days, including birthdays. On the 8th August, my eldest stepson celebrated his 17th birthday and I chose to post a review of a film which we first  watched together and  we liked, The Raid (2011), even though he has now seen Dredd 3D (2012) which we both agree is a better interpretation of this hard-boiled scenario.

For my wife’s birthday, which was on the 22nd, I was struggling to find one, so I chose the film which she had been mithering to watch since it was first released in cinemas, What To Expect When You’re Expecting (2012), but I’m digressing as neither, least of all the latter, are contenders for Film Of The Month.

Really, it’s between two 9 candle (9/10) movies, this years Academy Awards Best Picture, Argo (2012) and the 11-year-old Spielberg, Philip K. Dick adaptation, Minority Report (2002). But in the end, Spielberg wins again. I didn’t like this that much back in 2002 and it’s not perfect but when it works, it surpasses what makes up a perfect film, in leaps and bounds. Argo on the other hand, is a well made film but I don’t feel that Ben Afleck’s award winner is a classic. But there’s something about Minority Report, both the director and the source writer (Dick) which leads me to think that this could be a slow burn classic. It certainly grows on me with each viewing.



On another note, the crass Jennifer Lopez vehicle, The Back-up Plan (2010) was NEVER considered and was actually given a very generous rating of 4/10, which was not my initial feeling, lets just put it that way… Defiantly the stinker of the month if there was such a category…

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