DIRECTOR: Edward Zwick

May Contain Spoilers!

Edwards Zwick’s “New York under siege” terrorist movie, pre-dates the tragic and world-changing events of 9/11 by three years. It was back in 1998 that the ever-growing issue of Islamic Terrorism on the U.S. mainland was tackled by the director of such movies and Glory (1989) and The Last Samurai (2003), but its foreshadowing of things to come was uncanny.

The Siege is not a great movie but it’s an interesting one, one made more so by its almost Nostradamus like predictions of the events of 2001, showing and exploring the Al Qaeda cell structures, though changing the names and focusing of a Bin Laden figure, who had been trained by the CIA to fight in Afghanistan but hung out to dry later.

The film focuses of the concept of suicide bombers, the deadly independence of the automated terror cell structure and the U.S.’s fear response, but if manages to make it all seem a little mundane, almost boring but it shouldn’t be. The direction is good but nothing spectacular, not unusual for Zwick, but the biggest problem is that nobody knew what he was talking about back in ’98, but we certainly did after 2001.

But even in hindsight, this film fails to ignite any passion, with Bruce Willis’ corrupt general being played as if he was half a sleep, Annette Bening over doing it but Denzil Washington managing to hold it all together. This is defiantly worth a watch but to me, this is more of an interesting movie footnote, a film predicting the future with uncanny tonal accuracy, as The China Syndrome (1979) did, being release around the same time as the Three Mile Island disaster.

So I would recommend that you see this but I offer no guarantees that you’re going to like it. And it’s defiantly not a classic.

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