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Well, nEoFILM has been on what could be loosely referred to as a hiatus, but we will be back and sooner than you might think. But in the mean time, this months only film review is well deservedly this months film  of the months and not just by default. The second entry in the The… Continue reading FILM OF THE MONTH ~ NOVEMBER 2013

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2013 DIRECTOR: Francis Lawrence May Contain Spoilers! CINEMA REVIEW Will I be adding this to my collection? YES Catching Fire is the second entry in what will in movie terms, be a quadrilogy of what originally a trilogy of novels. But what was originally a relatively small, Spring movie back in 2012, has quite rightly and… Continue reading THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE

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The day after one of the 20th Century's most notorious events, the assassination John F. Kennedy on 22nd November 1963, a new BBC television series begin to air. Starring William Hartnell as "The Doctor", the low-budget children's series became one of the BBC's biggest and longest running successes. As a plot contrivance to keep the… Continue reading DOCTOR WHO @ 50

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1991 - THEATRICAL RELEASE 1993 - DIRECTOR'S CUT A TOP TEN FILM! At 12:30pm (18:30 UTC) on 22nd November 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. This re-post is posted to mark the moment of the 50th Anniversary of that tragic and generation defining event. A gripping and highly complex drama/thriller based around the true and supposed events surrounding the… Continue reading JFK (50TH ANNIVERSARY)

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2011 DIRECTOR: Jon Cassar NOT A PART OF OUR COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! TV REVIEW Will we be adding this to our collection? NO This 8 Part, though here in the U.K. sown as 4 feature-length episodes, was meant to be a definitive, new interpretation of the fabled Kennedys, the U.S. political dynasty, most famous… Continue reading THE KENNEDYS (TV MINI-SERIES)



In the middle of the day marking the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963, it's also worth noting the fourth anniversary of this blog. Begging with 2 Years Old... and continuing the trend last year with a report of the blog with nEoFILM @ THREE, this is a brief look at what… Continue reading nEoFILM @ FOUR