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In the middle of the day marking the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, it’s also worth noting the fourth anniversary of this blog. Begging with 2 Years Old… and continuing the trend last year with a report of the blog with nEoFILM @ THREE, this is a brief look at what we’ve been getting up to over the past twelve months, as well as what the future holds…


Since last time…

The day after nEoPOL @ THREE was posted, so was the review of the final chapter of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Park 2 (2012), The Christmas Film Festival 2012 and the long awaited review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.


This year…

2013 has without a doubt been the busiest and most important year to date for the blog, with a much tighter tone, themes and prolific publishing schedule. The aim is to create a regular film review blog with both quantity and quality. Some reviews have been short but hopefully reflective whilst others, such as the Man Of Steel (2013) review have been the longest to date, at almost 1900 words.

The year began with a look at Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather (1972) and Apocalypse Now (1979) just to get us going. January saw the End Of, Armageddon (1998) take Film Of The Month, an average review of Prometheus (2012), the second 1 Candle review, The Dinosaur Project (2012) and news that J.J. Abrams was going to direct Star Wars!


In February, after years of waiting, I finally watched and reviewed Windjammer (1958), one of two Cinerama releases from last year, which only scored 6 Candles, prepared to bid farewell to HMV, had a Die Hard Day when we should have been celebrating Valentines Day. Following a week later was A day In The Career Of Judd Apatow to mark the release of This Is 40 (2012) as well as the fact that I had just reviewed all three of his previous films but not posted them yet, and took an interest in The Oscars.

The rest of year up until this point saw the 500th and 550th reviews, Wreck-It Ralph (3D) (2012) and Glory (1989), was relieved to see HMV saved, looked again at The Iron Lady (2012) as Margaret Thatcher died in April; noted Superman’s 75th Anniversary, also in April even though the publication date on the Action Comics Number 1 is June 1938. I also celebrated Star Trek back in May as the latest blockbuster, Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) arrived in theatres and the 47th, a magic number for Star Trek fans, anniversary in September.

The 70th Anniversary of the 1943 Dam Busters (1955) raid was marked back in May too, with a review of the classic British war movie. I also finally reviewed Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) properly to mark the film’s 31st Anniversary, which had only a short review until the 4th June as this was one of the first reviews which I posted back in 2009.


In June, threats were made to close down three British museums including The National Media Museum in Bradford. Later in June these plans were shelved after a huge public outcry. Finally, after three and half years, I have created a Lowest Rated page to contrast the Top Rated. The reason for the delay was to build up some films which I felt were that bad as to only warrant a 1 Candle review. But thanks to Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995) taking its rightful place at number three, along with The Dinosaur Project (2012) and The Holiday (2007), I felt that the time was right.

Superman Week which ran from the 10th – 14th June was the most intense collection of reviews and articles on a single subject which I had ever compiled. Beginning with a look at my Top Ten Comic Book Movies, then moving on to the 1940’s Cartoons and finishing with Superman Returns (2006) on the Friday evening, almost every incarnation of Superman on the big screen was covered.

I was concerned about over-kill but this was  a build up to the Man Of Steel (2013) that Friday and I felt that it was the way to go and in keeping with spirit of the blog.

The 16th September marked the 60th anniversary of the widescreen process, CinemaScope, the closest cousin to today’s widescreen 2.35:1 format.

Today and Tomorrow…

Today is the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination and I would have liked to have dedicated today to that subject alone but the two events clashed. Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who’s premier on the BBC, amidst the real life drama unfolding across the world, William Hartnell’s good Doctor still managed to make a lasting impression.

December 10th will see Superman: The Movie‘s 35th Anniversary, and will be followed a fortnight later with this year’s Christmas Film Festival which will be called The Festive Film Festival and will only last a week over Christmas. Last year’s ran from the 12th December to the 27th but to be honest, it got on the way of other movies which I was much more interested in reviewing.

The idea is to only review festive movies over the period but I’m not the biggest fan of the genre meaning that my enthusiasm is limited. I want to do it but not for two and a half weeks like last year, so it’s just a seven day period this year. This year saw a selection of themed weeks as mentioned above and this is a trend which I like, allowing for a obsessive and comprehensive looks at genres or franchises for a concentrated period as well as soaking up the hype surrounding new releases, such as Star Trek and Superman, whilst highlighting the brighter moments of others such as Die Hard (1988).

So with plans to maintain the publication schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with more when possible, keeping up to date the site is even easier after this year. 2013 ushered in the NEW Facebook Page and the relaunch of my Twitter account to better serve the blog.

So keep up to date, keep in touch and hopefully, continue to enjoy the blog. Hopefully a year from now there will be more good news and an even more expansive site. So, keep watching, keep reading and above all, don’t let me or anybody else tell you what to like!

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